Immigrants needed—be a part of the utopian nation state-of-mind!

Brixtopia is a bold experiment in human organisation, one born from an incredibly simple premise.

That there is more that unites us than there is that divides us—and that a life filled with love is something worth striving for.

Humanity is ever more starkly divided between the haves and the have-nots, the greedy and the ground-down. The privileged do what they like— wreaking havoc as they go—while we are expected to pick up the tab, to put up, shut up, clock in and clock out. And heaven help you if you find yourself inadvertently living in a war zone.

It’s a transparently double-standards system that values wealth above all else, a system that relies on division, on separating human from human, on exploiting the supposed differences between us.

Brixtopia imagines a different world. A world that KNOWS it is improved when it welcomes people from all backgrounds. Black or white, rich or poor; people of all genders. Arty, hard-working or marginalised; clever, misunderstood or attitudinal. The mad, bad, and sometimes quite dangerous to know—here they—WE—are all tolerated, celebrated and cherished.

We exist in every village, town and city. Wherever humans congregate on this planet,there are people who think this way, who want to live less divisive, less destructive, more creative, more more caring lives.

It’s time we started talking to each other. TIME WE GOT ORGANISED.

If WE act a bit more like those big corporates, brands and one per-centers—if we ignore societal barriers and circumvent borders, just THINK what we will achieve!

Brixtopia is a place to imagine, a place to create, a place to seek support and inspiration. A place to meet other people who may have different causes, but share the desire to see positive change. 

Brixtopia is a nation state-of-mind that cares not where we live, only HOW we live. A nation state-of-mind that pays no heed to where we come from, only WHERE WE WANT TO GO.